A Sickness Falls Over Berdusk

The Road to Berdusk

Day Two

After a restful night and a nice morning, your group continued on towards Berdusk. The rest of the trip was uneventful and by the afternoon you reached the outer gates of Berdusk.

As you approached you could sense a odd calmness to the city, odd because a city of this size should never feel this calm or quiet, for that matter. At the gate entrance you were met by four guards dressed in the attire that fit their position. They questioned you all about your visit and searched the wagon, haphazardly and all seemed to be lackluster.

They allowed you passage and said very little to you at all. Outside of the despairing atmosphere of the city, the only other thing you noticed was crude drawings, much like graffiti, on dark alley walls, the image was of a sloppy looking harp.


basementDeD basementDeD

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