A Sickness Falls Over Berdusk

Berdusk Part 1
Entry to the Palace

As you make your way into the city, towards many of Berdusk’s market plazas you feel a dire melancholy among the towns people. The sky has turned into a dark gray, as if it may begin to rain.

You come to the back edge of the market plaza. Here, Donella Goatsby stops the wagon and orders Fraddy and Gentry to unload a crate. Within the crate are 3 leather pouches, she tosses one to each Niv, Sora Turnuroth and Grip. Under the pouches was the Robe of Useful Items, that she hands to Odorous. She thanks you all for accompanying them on this trip and bids you all farewell.

A short time after you part ways with Donella, you hear a loud violent scream and a large crash down the alley way Donella and her companions had traveled down. You all decide to rush down the alley and see what is happening. When you are halfway down the alley you see Donella’s wagon has be turned over on it’s side and Donella and her companions are surrounded by 6 people; 4 women and 2 men, all wearing worn and tattered Gray clothing, all with a crude harp sigil painted on the chest. They are throwing stones, dung and rotten food at Donella and crew, yelling out, “Witch!”, “Whore!” and other rude things. You also see near the wagon is gentry laying on the ground, bleeding out from a wound in his gut.

Without hesitation Grip launches himself at one of the females, coming down with all his might, splitting her head in half! The rest of the gray clothed individuals panic at this show of aggression and pull short swords from their hips and begin to fight back. Sora, trying to use reason is attacked by one of the males, after taking a small amount of damage, she turns to a more aggressive tactic and uses her breath weapon, killing to more of the gray clothed members. At this time far of in the distance you can hear a bell ringing informing the Town Guards of the scuffle happening.

After minutes of the battle, Gentry and Nicholas are killed, and Fraddy is badly injured while trying to save Odorous from an attack. The gray clothed members are all killed save one of the females who dashes off to retreat from your group, leaving a trail of blood in her direction.

As you all stand around the carnage you see the Town Guard turn the corner heading quickly towards you all. With some quick thinking, Niv and Odorous use their Druidic magic abilities together to create a wall of vines to slow them down. You all help in collecting as much of Donella’s crates as you can and head off after the gray clothed woman.

You dash down many alley’s, following her trail of blood until you see it leading into an abandoned-looking two story building. When you enter, Donella goes to look over Fraddy with Odorous, Grip continues to follow the blood trail within the building, and Sora and Niv search around the camp fire where an assortment of random items, probably stolen goods, lay.

In the item stash, Sora and Niv found, 65p, 55p, a Rapier, a Long Bow with a Quiver of 20 Arrows, a book written entirely in Gnomish, 4 +2 Daggers, 50ft of hempen rope and a water skin.

Grip, at this time finds the other woman. When he tries to ask her questions, she attacks him. He then, in defense, kills the woman.

After a brief period of time to relax, you can hear the guards running up and down the streets searching for you, with no luck. Donella is able to heal Fraddy, and insists that you all continue on to the palace. You all decide to continue to aid her and walk with her to the palace gates.

The Road to Berdusk
Day Two

After a restful night and a nice morning, your group continued on towards Berdusk. The rest of the trip was uneventful and by the afternoon you reached the outer gates of Berdusk.

As you approached you could sense a odd calmness to the city, odd because a city of this size should never feel this calm or quiet, for that matter. At the gate entrance you were met by four guards dressed in the attire that fit their position. They questioned you all about your visit and searched the wagon, haphazardly and all seemed to be lackluster.

They allowed you passage and said very little to you at all. Outside of the despairing atmosphere of the city, the only other thing you noticed was crude drawings, much like graffiti, on dark alley walls, the image was of a sloppy looking harp.

The Road to Berdusk
Day One Part Two

After simple greetings you are off towards Berdusk. A few hours of travel along the dusty road between Berdusk and Greenest, your party comes to a Y in the road. One path leads further down the road towards Chionthar River that leads you to Berdusk. The other path, according to Donella Goatsby and her men, is a short-cut that leads further down the river and closer to Berdusk. To take the short-cut would cut a half-days ride off to get to the city.

Luckily, your party is smart and decided to continue on the road you have been traveling and not put yourselves in any unnecessary danger. Well, unfortunately, that didn’t last long, as only an hour after passing the short-cut, your party hears faint howls off into the distance, deep within the woods around you. Odorous, with a great big smile on her face, charges her horse towards the howls, exclaiming, “PUPPIES!”

Sharing one horse, Grip and Niv head after Odorous to bring her back to the party. Sora Turnuroth stayed back to help guard Donella and her cart with her male companions, Fraddy, Nicolas and Gentry. They find an overhang and parked the cart, and positioned themselves around the cart for safety.

Back in the woods, Odorous comes to a clearing and is surrounded by wolves. Grip and Niv arrive just in time to aid her in the fight. Grip is violently attacked, but recovers due to Niv’s healing hands and then proceeds to beat the hell out of the wolves with Niv and Odorous.

At the cart, things were peaceful. That was until Sora noticed down the road a pack of three goblins riding wargs who seemed lost. At first it would seem that a fight was going to break out, but the Dragonborn Monk, as a good samaritan, simply called out to them, offering aid to help them get back on the right track towards their destination. Seeing a very large, yet helpful, humanoid Dragon, frightened the small Goblins and they simply walked back into the woods they had walked out of. Well done Monk!

The party then regroups and continues along the road towards Berdusk. Dusk falls upon your group as you make it to another Y in the road near the Chionthar River, where you find many travelers who have come together to make a camp. While resting for the evening, Donella explains why she is making this trip. How the High Lady of Berdusk, Cylyria Dragonbreast, has falling dreadfully ill and in doing so the city itself has seemed to give up hope on, anything really. She states that she is going to Berdusk to cure the High Lady and reclaim honor to her family who was cast out of Berdusk, being called demoness and witch. She wishes to show the people of Berdusk, she is now evil-doer, but a powerful cleric of her goddess and wishes nothing but good on the people she treats.

While all this is happening, Odorous was taking advantage of the young and clueless Fraddy, having her demonic way with him between his sheets.

The Road to Berdusk
Day One Part One

The new morning sun rises and your party is well rested and ready to go. You gather up your equipment and horses and head back towards Bando’s Bazaar to meet with Magmi and your client that you are being paid to protect, her sister, Donella Gatsby.

As you arrive outside of Bando’s Bazaar, you see a two-horse pulled wagon. Tending the horses, you see a late 20’s, very frail looking man with shaggy dark hair, dressed in a very plain gray tunic and matching pants, dark boots, a thin leather jerkin and a belt that is equipped with two dirks (long daggers). In the back of the wagon, loading many heavy looking wooden crates, you see two other men. One, is obviously chubby and balding, looking around his late 30’s, wearing very similar attire as the frail man. The other man is a very attractive man, early 20’s, shoulder length brown hair, chilled facial features, with a fit physique. He wears red trousers, with dark brown boots and a thin white tunic. He two is armed with blades at his waist and Odorous is instantly attracted to this man.

As you come closer to the shop, Bando and Magmi walk out of their shop and address you all as friends. The hope that you evening was restful and then introduce you to Donella. As she walks out of the shop you see an older female dwarf, with rich red flowing hair and pale skin. She is dressed in a gray and red toned robe latched shut with a leather belt that has a large mace slung to it. She is also carrying a light crossbow across her back.

She addresses your party and is very grateful of your assistance in he travels to Berdusk. She introduces you to her companions, Nicolas (The Frail Man), Gentry (The Bald, Chubby Man) and Fraddy (The Hot One).

The Cow Pie Inn
Magmi's Quest

After Odorous run in with Magmi at her husbands store, Bando’s Bazzar, Odorous shares her information with the rest of the party. Your party heads to the Cow Pie Inn, Grip, Niv and Sora purchase a room for the night, stables for the horses and meals with drink, all while Odorous decides to save her coin and thus seduces a wealthy looking lord she eyes in the common dining area.

She sups and drinks well, as does the rest of the party. At 9pm, right on the dot, Magmi and her husband Bando enter the Inn. The see the group and head over to the booth that you occupy. Bando, who is visibly uncomfortable around Odorous, sit’s closer near his wife to a point of discomfort for them both. Magmi speaks quickly and decides not to beat around the bush and jumps right into business, discussing the matter of the job she is wanting to hire you for.

She explains, that her sister is in need of protection on her journey to Berdusk. It’s a simple task and it should only be a couple days trip along the main road. In doing this for her, she guarantees you 50gp each and a special gift for Odorous. Bando didn’t know about the robe being offered Odorous, and once he sees Magmi bring it our of he bag to remind Odorous of the gift, he sobs, “Not my robe! That was such a great find during my adventurous youthful days. I was saving that for retirement.” Magmi, pays him no mind and sets it on the table.

Being such a simple task, you begin to grow curious, but, for some reason, you were all okay with taking a job at the sound of the reward. Magmi instructs you all to meet outside Bando’s Bazaar at 7am, the rewards will be there as well as her sister.

After all was said and done, her and Bando leave you all for the night, awaiting your presence in the morning.

The Trip to Greenest

3 Days to Greenest
After your odd encounter with the crystal-headed boys, Grip, Niv, Sora and Odorous made their way to the town of Greenest.

Day 1
A three day trip in the wilds south of the town did not prove to be a simple one. The first day out your party was attacked by six Skeletons that almost saw the party destroyed, but in the end you were able to prevail, but your victory was cut short as you were then attacked by a band of Bandits and their leader. Surprisingly, your group is better at disposing of the living faster than the undead.

Day 2
Your second day wasn’t much better, as you are quickly meet on the road by three more bandits. Before they could even have time to properly threaten you, Odorous casts Entangle, capturing their leader quickly, while the rest of the party took care of the other two bandits quickly and then “acquiring” their two steeds. Nov and Grip shared one of the horses as Odorous mounted the other. Unfortunately for Sora, her dragonborn weight would not be able to be held by a horses back.

Around sun down you had thought to push on and try to get to Greenest during the dark of night having the Tiefling, Odorous lead the group using her dark vision. During your trek, disturbing growls, howling and other indescribable noises began to surround your party. Odorous begins fleeing with the remaining party struggling to keep up. The group stumbles upon an opening in the woods near a shallow cave. They strategically position a camp to keep their backs free from strike and decide to sleep the remainder of the night.

During Sora’s watch a group of three low level demons. The party easily defeats the demons and sleeps quietly for the rest of the night.

Day 3
The party makes it to the town of Greenest without any further problems.

The Crystal Headed Boys
A Mad Man and his Sex Stone

The Doom-Cave of the Crystal-Headed Children
Three proud adventurers, the Barbarian Halfling, Grip, the Human Druid, Niv and the peaceful yet powerful Dragonborn Monk, Sora, started their journey with a odd request. Coming into a small town and discovering that all the woman of the town are saddened with the loss of their male sons. All with the same name, Andrew, which was odd, but even odder was that al of the boys had identical descriptions.

You find out about a clergy man from the village that left town and was living the life of a hermit in a cave not far from the village. You head over to the cave to investigate when you have your first sighting of many “clone”-like boys, all fitting the description giving to you by the towns mothers of their missing Andrew. The unusual feature of each boy is the large protruding crystals formed atop their heads

After a long…long, process of getting up the nerve to enter the cave you see many more Andrews and you meet the former clergyman who addressed himself as Wiki Dot Pod. He gives you all a brief tour of his cave and his prized possession, a giant blue crystal, which upon further investigation you realize he was screwing the crystal and below in another cavern, the crystal was giving birth to many more Andrews.

Seeing far more than any of you really wanted to, you decide to explore some of the cave, unfortunately Wiki Dot Pod does not enjoy snooping around his cave and sees you all as enemies, thus sending horde after horde of Andrews at you. Though not wanting to, you were forced to fight back and killed many, many crystal headed and Wiki Dot Pod as well. You fled the cave with more Andrews coming after you.

Once you made your way back outside the mouth of the cave you see that many of the townsfolk had gathered outside of the cave. Seeing you covered in blood and Grip carrying a large amount of bloodied blue crystals in his bag, the woman of the village fear the death of their beloved sons and begin to scream at you. Just when it looked as if the townsfolk would attack the Andrews began to emerge from the cave and the woman squealed in delight at seeing their boys again.

Having had enough of these odd people, you decide to flee, but not alone. One of the townsfolk, who you could tell did not belong to these people. Not only was she demon born, being a visible Tiefling, she was stunning and had a great sense of fashion. And so it was that Odorous joined up with you and your party of three had now become a party of four.

You left the village and it’s odd people and headed north over a large mountain range towards the village of Greenest.

The Town of Greenest
Odorous Gets Offered a Pretty Robe

In the town of Greenest
Your party has made it to Greenest after a very odd and long journey so far. Still the party knows what it wants and decides the first thing they want to do is…Go Shopping!!!

Sora, Niv and Odorous find a fancy looking Bazaar with two very excited owners. The male, Bando, owner of Bando’s Bazaar is eager for new customers and invites you all in. Once inside you see luscious silks hanging on the walls, bright and brilliant trinkets on the counter tops and many nice looking items. As soon as Odorous takes down her hood, Bando panics and falls in fear, screaming out “Demon!!! Please don’t eat my soul. Spare me and my wife, please!”

Band’s wife, Magmi, is not threatened and apologizes for her stupid husbands behavior. She takes Odorous by the hand and leads her to a back room, leaving Niv and Sora in the front area of the store.

Niv and Sora: As you waited for your friend Odorous to return from the back room of the store, you peruse Bando’s goods. He tells you how he acquired many of the good back in his youth when he was an adventurer. That’s when Sora discovers a beautiful golden brooch with a ruby laid in the center. Bando has no real recollection of what the brooch is and offers to sell it to Sora for 10gp. Sora accepts and place the brooch atop her head as she loves how it looks against her white scales.

Odorous: While in the back room, Magmi continues to apologize for her husbands behavior, explaining that he used to be an adventurer and still fears certain “things”. Then she says she wishes to speak of business for the group, asking Odorous if they would do a job for her. Odorous quickly asks what is in it for her. Magmi then opens up a chestnut trunk she has near her and takes out a beautiful grey robe with many colorful patches sewn onto it. She describes the robe as a Robe of Useful items. She then instructs Odorous to have her and her friends meet her at the local inn, Cow’s Pie Inn, that evening for the details of the job. If the party is successful in the job she will give Odorous the robe and pay each party member 50p each. Odorous being fashionable as she is, accepts and leaves the back room.

In other areas: Grip, ties up the Horses and sits at a near by Blacksmith with the party’s armor and weaponry, getting everything fixed up and repaired. He then joins the party at Bando’s Bazaar and gives back everyones items. He then sees a dashing cloak that he feels he must have. Bando offers it to him for 20gp. Grip agrees to the price and discoveries it is a Cloak of Protection!

The party then leaves Bando’s and heads to the Cow Pie Inn to acquire rooms, food, drink and a safe place for their horses.

…to be continued…

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