Donella Goatsby

Chaotic Neutral Lvl 2 Cleric Dwarf


NPC that the Players are hired to protect on a trip from Greenest to Berdusk.

AC: 12
HP: 12
Str: 10 Dex: 12 (1) Con: 10 Int: 16 (3) Wis: 17 (3) Cha: 15 (2)

Mace, +2 to hit, DMG: 1d6 B
Lt. Crossbow, +2 to hit, DMG: 1d8 P

Domain: Tempest
God: Gruumsh

Channel Divinity
-Turn Undead
-Invoke Duplicity

-Sacred Flame

Lvl 1 Spells:
-Charm Person
-Disguise Self
-Cure Wounds


Donella Goatsby

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