A Sickness Falls Over Berdusk

The Trip to Greenest


3 Days to Greenest
After your odd encounter with the crystal-headed boys, Grip, Niv, Sora and Odorous made their way to the town of Greenest.

Day 1
A three day trip in the wilds south of the town did not prove to be a simple one. The first day out your party was attacked by six Skeletons that almost saw the party destroyed, but in the end you were able to prevail, but your victory was cut short as you were then attacked by a band of Bandits and their leader. Surprisingly, your group is better at disposing of the living faster than the undead.

Day 2
Your second day wasn’t much better, as you are quickly meet on the road by three more bandits. Before they could even have time to properly threaten you, Odorous casts Entangle, capturing their leader quickly, while the rest of the party took care of the other two bandits quickly and then “acquiring” their two steeds. Nov and Grip shared one of the horses as Odorous mounted the other. Unfortunately for Sora, her dragonborn weight would not be able to be held by a horses back.

Around sun down you had thought to push on and try to get to Greenest during the dark of night having the Tiefling, Odorous lead the group using her dark vision. During your trek, disturbing growls, howling and other indescribable noises began to surround your party. Odorous begins fleeing with the remaining party struggling to keep up. The group stumbles upon an opening in the woods near a shallow cave. They strategically position a camp to keep their backs free from strike and decide to sleep the remainder of the night.

During Sora’s watch a group of three low level demons. The party easily defeats the demons and sleeps quietly for the rest of the night.

Day 3
The party makes it to the town of Greenest without any further problems.


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