A Sickness Falls Over Berdusk

The Town of Greenest

Odorous Gets Offered a Pretty Robe

In the town of Greenest
Your party has made it to Greenest after a very odd and long journey so far. Still the party knows what it wants and decides the first thing they want to do is…Go Shopping!!!

Sora, Niv and Odorous find a fancy looking Bazaar with two very excited owners. The male, Bando, owner of Bando’s Bazaar is eager for new customers and invites you all in. Once inside you see luscious silks hanging on the walls, bright and brilliant trinkets on the counter tops and many nice looking items. As soon as Odorous takes down her hood, Bando panics and falls in fear, screaming out “Demon!!! Please don’t eat my soul. Spare me and my wife, please!”

Band’s wife, Magmi, is not threatened and apologizes for her stupid husbands behavior. She takes Odorous by the hand and leads her to a back room, leaving Niv and Sora in the front area of the store.

Niv and Sora: As you waited for your friend Odorous to return from the back room of the store, you peruse Bando’s goods. He tells you how he acquired many of the good back in his youth when he was an adventurer. That’s when Sora discovers a beautiful golden brooch with a ruby laid in the center. Bando has no real recollection of what the brooch is and offers to sell it to Sora for 10gp. Sora accepts and place the brooch atop her head as she loves how it looks against her white scales.

Odorous: While in the back room, Magmi continues to apologize for her husbands behavior, explaining that he used to be an adventurer and still fears certain “things”. Then she says she wishes to speak of business for the group, asking Odorous if they would do a job for her. Odorous quickly asks what is in it for her. Magmi then opens up a chestnut trunk she has near her and takes out a beautiful grey robe with many colorful patches sewn onto it. She describes the robe as a Robe of Useful items. She then instructs Odorous to have her and her friends meet her at the local inn, Cow’s Pie Inn, that evening for the details of the job. If the party is successful in the job she will give Odorous the robe and pay each party member 50p each. Odorous being fashionable as she is, accepts and leaves the back room.

In other areas: Grip, ties up the Horses and sits at a near by Blacksmith with the party’s armor and weaponry, getting everything fixed up and repaired. He then joins the party at Bando’s Bazaar and gives back everyones items. He then sees a dashing cloak that he feels he must have. Bando offers it to him for 20gp. Grip agrees to the price and discoveries it is a Cloak of Protection!

The party then leaves Bando’s and heads to the Cow Pie Inn to acquire rooms, food, drink and a safe place for their horses.

…to be continued…


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