A Sickness Falls Over Berdusk

The Road to Berdusk

Day One Part Two

After simple greetings you are off towards Berdusk. A few hours of travel along the dusty road between Berdusk and Greenest, your party comes to a Y in the road. One path leads further down the road towards Chionthar River that leads you to Berdusk. The other path, according to Donella Goatsby and her men, is a short-cut that leads further down the river and closer to Berdusk. To take the short-cut would cut a half-days ride off to get to the city.

Luckily, your party is smart and decided to continue on the road you have been traveling and not put yourselves in any unnecessary danger. Well, unfortunately, that didn’t last long, as only an hour after passing the short-cut, your party hears faint howls off into the distance, deep within the woods around you. Odorous, with a great big smile on her face, charges her horse towards the howls, exclaiming, “PUPPIES!”

Sharing one horse, Grip and Niv head after Odorous to bring her back to the party. Sora Turnuroth stayed back to help guard Donella and her cart with her male companions, Fraddy, Nicolas and Gentry. They find an overhang and parked the cart, and positioned themselves around the cart for safety.

Back in the woods, Odorous comes to a clearing and is surrounded by wolves. Grip and Niv arrive just in time to aid her in the fight. Grip is violently attacked, but recovers due to Niv’s healing hands and then proceeds to beat the hell out of the wolves with Niv and Odorous.

At the cart, things were peaceful. That was until Sora noticed down the road a pack of three goblins riding wargs who seemed lost. At first it would seem that a fight was going to break out, but the Dragonborn Monk, as a good samaritan, simply called out to them, offering aid to help them get back on the right track towards their destination. Seeing a very large, yet helpful, humanoid Dragon, frightened the small Goblins and they simply walked back into the woods they had walked out of. Well done Monk!

The party then regroups and continues along the road towards Berdusk. Dusk falls upon your group as you make it to another Y in the road near the Chionthar River, where you find many travelers who have come together to make a camp. While resting for the evening, Donella explains why she is making this trip. How the High Lady of Berdusk, Cylyria Dragonbreast, has falling dreadfully ill and in doing so the city itself has seemed to give up hope on, anything really. She states that she is going to Berdusk to cure the High Lady and reclaim honor to her family who was cast out of Berdusk, being called demoness and witch. She wishes to show the people of Berdusk, she is now evil-doer, but a powerful cleric of her goddess and wishes nothing but good on the people she treats.

While all this is happening, Odorous was taking advantage of the young and clueless Fraddy, having her demonic way with him between his sheets.


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