A Sickness Falls Over Berdusk

The Road to Berdusk

Day One Part One

The new morning sun rises and your party is well rested and ready to go. You gather up your equipment and horses and head back towards Bando’s Bazaar to meet with Magmi and your client that you are being paid to protect, her sister, Donella Gatsby.

As you arrive outside of Bando’s Bazaar, you see a two-horse pulled wagon. Tending the horses, you see a late 20’s, very frail looking man with shaggy dark hair, dressed in a very plain gray tunic and matching pants, dark boots, a thin leather jerkin and a belt that is equipped with two dirks (long daggers). In the back of the wagon, loading many heavy looking wooden crates, you see two other men. One, is obviously chubby and balding, looking around his late 30’s, wearing very similar attire as the frail man. The other man is a very attractive man, early 20’s, shoulder length brown hair, chilled facial features, with a fit physique. He wears red trousers, with dark brown boots and a thin white tunic. He two is armed with blades at his waist and Odorous is instantly attracted to this man.

As you come closer to the shop, Bando and Magmi walk out of their shop and address you all as friends. The hope that you evening was restful and then introduce you to Donella. As she walks out of the shop you see an older female dwarf, with rich red flowing hair and pale skin. She is dressed in a gray and red toned robe latched shut with a leather belt that has a large mace slung to it. She is also carrying a light crossbow across her back.

She addresses your party and is very grateful of your assistance in he travels to Berdusk. She introduces you to her companions, Nicolas (The Frail Man), Gentry (The Bald, Chubby Man) and Fraddy (The Hot One).


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