A Sickness Falls Over Berdusk

The Crystal Headed Boys

A Mad Man and his Sex Stone

The Doom-Cave of the Crystal-Headed Children
Three proud adventurers, the Barbarian Halfling, Grip, the Human Druid, Niv and the peaceful yet powerful Dragonborn Monk, Sora, started their journey with a odd request. Coming into a small town and discovering that all the woman of the town are saddened with the loss of their male sons. All with the same name, Andrew, which was odd, but even odder was that al of the boys had identical descriptions.

You find out about a clergy man from the village that left town and was living the life of a hermit in a cave not far from the village. You head over to the cave to investigate when you have your first sighting of many “clone”-like boys, all fitting the description giving to you by the towns mothers of their missing Andrew. The unusual feature of each boy is the large protruding crystals formed atop their heads

After a long…long, process of getting up the nerve to enter the cave you see many more Andrews and you meet the former clergyman who addressed himself as Wiki Dot Pod. He gives you all a brief tour of his cave and his prized possession, a giant blue crystal, which upon further investigation you realize he was screwing the crystal and below in another cavern, the crystal was giving birth to many more Andrews.

Seeing far more than any of you really wanted to, you decide to explore some of the cave, unfortunately Wiki Dot Pod does not enjoy snooping around his cave and sees you all as enemies, thus sending horde after horde of Andrews at you. Though not wanting to, you were forced to fight back and killed many, many crystal headed and Wiki Dot Pod as well. You fled the cave with more Andrews coming after you.

Once you made your way back outside the mouth of the cave you see that many of the townsfolk had gathered outside of the cave. Seeing you covered in blood and Grip carrying a large amount of bloodied blue crystals in his bag, the woman of the village fear the death of their beloved sons and begin to scream at you. Just when it looked as if the townsfolk would attack the Andrews began to emerge from the cave and the woman squealed in delight at seeing their boys again.

Having had enough of these odd people, you decide to flee, but not alone. One of the townsfolk, who you could tell did not belong to these people. Not only was she demon born, being a visible Tiefling, she was stunning and had a great sense of fashion. And so it was that Odorous joined up with you and your party of three had now become a party of four.

You left the village and it’s odd people and headed north over a large mountain range towards the village of Greenest.


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