A Sickness Falls Over Berdusk

The Cow Pie Inn

Magmi's Quest

After Odorous run in with Magmi at her husbands store, Bando’s Bazzar, Odorous shares her information with the rest of the party. Your party heads to the Cow Pie Inn, Grip, Niv and Sora purchase a room for the night, stables for the horses and meals with drink, all while Odorous decides to save her coin and thus seduces a wealthy looking lord she eyes in the common dining area.

She sups and drinks well, as does the rest of the party. At 9pm, right on the dot, Magmi and her husband Bando enter the Inn. The see the group and head over to the booth that you occupy. Bando, who is visibly uncomfortable around Odorous, sit’s closer near his wife to a point of discomfort for them both. Magmi speaks quickly and decides not to beat around the bush and jumps right into business, discussing the matter of the job she is wanting to hire you for.

She explains, that her sister is in need of protection on her journey to Berdusk. It’s a simple task and it should only be a couple days trip along the main road. In doing this for her, she guarantees you 50gp each and a special gift for Odorous. Bando didn’t know about the robe being offered Odorous, and once he sees Magmi bring it our of he bag to remind Odorous of the gift, he sobs, “Not my robe! That was such a great find during my adventurous youthful days. I was saving that for retirement.” Magmi, pays him no mind and sets it on the table.

Being such a simple task, you begin to grow curious, but, for some reason, you were all okay with taking a job at the sound of the reward. Magmi instructs you all to meet outside Bando’s Bazaar at 7am, the rewards will be there as well as her sister.

After all was said and done, her and Bando leave you all for the night, awaiting your presence in the morning.


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