A Sickness Falls Over Berdusk

Berdusk Part 1

Entry to the Palace

As you make your way into the city, towards many of Berdusk’s market plazas you feel a dire melancholy among the towns people. The sky has turned into a dark gray, as if it may begin to rain.

You come to the back edge of the market plaza. Here, Donella Goatsby stops the wagon and orders Fraddy and Gentry to unload a crate. Within the crate are 3 leather pouches, she tosses one to each Niv, Sora Turnuroth and Grip. Under the pouches was the Robe of Useful Items, that she hands to Odorous. She thanks you all for accompanying them on this trip and bids you all farewell.

A short time after you part ways with Donella, you hear a loud violent scream and a large crash down the alley way Donella and her companions had traveled down. You all decide to rush down the alley and see what is happening. When you are halfway down the alley you see Donella’s wagon has be turned over on it’s side and Donella and her companions are surrounded by 6 people; 4 women and 2 men, all wearing worn and tattered Gray clothing, all with a crude harp sigil painted on the chest. They are throwing stones, dung and rotten food at Donella and crew, yelling out, “Witch!”, “Whore!” and other rude things. You also see near the wagon is gentry laying on the ground, bleeding out from a wound in his gut.

Without hesitation Grip launches himself at one of the females, coming down with all his might, splitting her head in half! The rest of the gray clothed individuals panic at this show of aggression and pull short swords from their hips and begin to fight back. Sora, trying to use reason is attacked by one of the males, after taking a small amount of damage, she turns to a more aggressive tactic and uses her breath weapon, killing to more of the gray clothed members. At this time far of in the distance you can hear a bell ringing informing the Town Guards of the scuffle happening.

After minutes of the battle, Gentry and Nicholas are killed, and Fraddy is badly injured while trying to save Odorous from an attack. The gray clothed members are all killed save one of the females who dashes off to retreat from your group, leaving a trail of blood in her direction.

As you all stand around the carnage you see the Town Guard turn the corner heading quickly towards you all. With some quick thinking, Niv and Odorous use their Druidic magic abilities together to create a wall of vines to slow them down. You all help in collecting as much of Donella’s crates as you can and head off after the gray clothed woman.

You dash down many alley’s, following her trail of blood until you see it leading into an abandoned-looking two story building. When you enter, Donella goes to look over Fraddy with Odorous, Grip continues to follow the blood trail within the building, and Sora and Niv search around the camp fire where an assortment of random items, probably stolen goods, lay.

In the item stash, Sora and Niv found, 65p, 55p, a Rapier, a Long Bow with a Quiver of 20 Arrows, a book written entirely in Gnomish, 4 +2 Daggers, 50ft of hempen rope and a water skin.

Grip, at this time finds the other woman. When he tries to ask her questions, she attacks him. He then, in defense, kills the woman.

After a brief period of time to relax, you can hear the guards running up and down the streets searching for you, with no luck. Donella is able to heal Fraddy, and insists that you all continue on to the palace. You all decide to continue to aid her and walk with her to the palace gates.


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